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Bringing Health Information to the Community December 19th, 2018
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Interventions to Promote Health Equity

Posted by on November 26th, 2018 0 comments

The Community Guide is a place to search for evidence-based findings from the Community Preventive Services Task force. This information can be helpful when designing community interventions because the guide discusses interventions that have worked for others and how well they have worked. There is also information about the cost of the approach, and any… Read More »

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The Importance of Community Health Centers

Posted by on August 8th, 2018 0 comments

The first Community Health Centers (also called Federally Qualified Health Centers or FQHCs) were established in the U.S. more than 50 years ago by community residents and health care providers who believed that everyone should have access to quality health care no matter who they are, where they live or their ability to pay.  The… Read More »

Posted in: Low Income, Minority Health Concerns



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Health Care Equity Community Engagement Toolkits

Posted by on May 14th, 2018 0 comments

The Association of American Medical Colleges has developed a set of community engagement toolkits to engage academic and local communities around the topic health care equity. The topics of these toolkits are Social Justice Behind and Beyond the Bars: Criminal Justice, Health, and Academic Medicine, Community Engagement; Precision Medicine, and Native Health and Communities, Social Justice;… Read More »

Posted in: All of Us, Low Income, Mental Health, Minority Health Concerns, Substance Addiction and Misuse



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Rural Food Access Toolkit

Posted by on March 15th, 2018 0 comments

The Rural Health Information Hub (RHIhub) makes available a new toolkit. This toolkit compiles evidence-based models and resources to support organizations implementing food access programs in rural communities across the United States. Created in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center, this toolkit is designed to guide users through creating a sustainable program… Read More »

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Good and Cheap cookbook

Posted by on February 13th, 2018 0 comments

Leanne Brown wrote the New York Times bestselling cookbook for people who are on SNAP/Food Stamp benefits or for anyone on a tight budget. The project started off as her master’s thesis at New York University and a Kickstarter campaign allowed for an initial printing for those without computer access. Thousands of copies have been… Read More »

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Communities Driving Health Equity: A Spotlight Video Series

Posted by on February 7th, 2018 0 comments Tags:

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has released three short documentaries that spotlight organizations “advancing health equity for their communities by addressing the environmental, social, economic, and structural challenges that may impact residents’ health. The videos show that, while challenges are numerous, progress is possible when community members, organizations, funders, and policy makers work together to drive local-level… Read More »

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What is a Community Living Room?

Posted by on January 26th, 2018 0 comments Tags: , ,

For immigrants coming to this country with little money, living conditions cannot always be called “family friendly”. For many this may consist of an entire family living in one room, not what we would traditionally call a home. For many people in this situation, the local YMCA in San Francisco is helping build a sense… Read More »

Posted in: Articles, Inner City, Low Income



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Social Determinants of Health: Transportation

Posted by on January 10th, 2018 0 comments

Transportation and the Role of Hospitals is part of a series of guides and resources released by the American Hospital Association, Health Research and Educational Trust, and the Association for Community Health Improvement on how hospitals and health systems can address the social determinants of health. Transportation connects people from their origin to their destination, affects land use and… Read More »

Posted in: Low Income, Minority Health Concerns, Rural



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Pathways to Health Equity

Posted by on November 20th, 2017 0 comments Tags: ,

The National National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, published an interactive report, Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity. Portions of the report include an overview of the report, a clickable conceptual model of the context of structural inequalities, and ideas on how to promote health equality in… Read More »

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Promise Neighborhoods grant

Posted by on August 1st, 2017 0 comments

The vision of the program is that all children and youth growing up in Promise Neighborhoods have access to great schools and strong systems of family and community support that will prepare them to attain an excellent education and successfully transition to college and a career. The purpose of Promise Neighborhoods is to significantly improve… Read More »

Posted in: Children and Teens, Health Information Literacy, Low Income, Minority Health Concerns, Public Health, Scholarships and Grants

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