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The MARquee May 19th, 2022
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Get Ready to Play Online, New K-12 Class from NN/LM

Posted by on May 30th, 2014 Posted in: The MAReport

Lydia CollinsConsumer Connections

Lydia Collins, Consumer Health Coordinator

As many of you know, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) produces a variety of amazing resources that are geared for use by educators, librarians, and community- and faith-based organizations who work with K-12 populations. The resources cover a range of topics around health and science such as, biology, environmental health, and genetics. Some even include resources available in Spanish.

Over the past two years NN/LM MAR has participated on a voluntary K-12 Outreach Initiative from NLM. A committee was formed and co-chaired by Renae Barger, Executive Director of NN/LM MAR and Michelle Malizia, Associate Director, NN/LM South Central Region. As the Consumer Health Coordinator, I have had the privilege of serving on this committee as we work to define the target population; learn about their needs and the available resources; as well as articulate desired outcomes for K-12 outreach in each region.

As part of MAR’s K-12 outreach, I have exhibited and provided conference presentations at a variety of K-12 educator and school librarian conferences throughout our region. Each time I have the opportunity to share with attendees the freely available materials from the NLM, I see the amazement and wonder in their eyes. Questions such as: “Are these resources new?”, “How come I have never learned about these before?” and “Where have you all been hiding these gems?” are heard repeatedly.

Based on this feedback, it was obvious that a more formal way to share the engaging and educational K-12 resources from NLM was needed. NLM’s Online Playground: K-12 Health and Science Resources from the National Library of Medicine is a brand new, 3-week online course I will be offering. If you are a library staff member, community- or faith-based worker, K-12 professional, or just a curious parent who wants to learn more about the various resources and how you might use them in your setting, then this is the class for you. K-12 banner

The resources that will be covered range from general health, biology, genetics, and environmental health. Also, a variety of multidisciplinary resources will be covered for those who are interested in meeting common core standards.

This class was designed as an introduction to NLM resources for K-12 professionals, public librarians, academic librarians who support education majors, and other individuals who work with K-12 populations. The following topics are covered:

  • K-12 Health and Science Resources by Subject
  • MedlinePlus and K-12 Components
  • Interdisciplinary K-12 Resources (Online Exhibitions)

By the end of the course attendees should be able to identify several NLM Resources that will be useful for the K-12 populations they serve.

The online version of the course has been approved for 3 MLA continuing education (CE) credits. This asynchronous, self-paced course will be offered for the first time in the Middle Atlantic Region beginning August 25, 2014.  For more information and to register: http://nnlm.gov/mar/training/register.html?schedule_id=2923

To learn more about the course: http://nnlm.gov/training/playground/

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