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Immersive Workshops

MCR has funding available for Immersive Workshops. The funding seeks to support a library (up to $14,000) in developing and hosting a multi-day professional development event that trains participants to improve health information access. The event must be interprofessional and include librarians. The event should reach out to multiple institutions and have regional (or even national) appeal.

The workshop activities should achieve the following:

  1. Increase the awareness of how different professionals can contribute to addressing a health information access challenge.
  2. Increase knowledge and skills in a significant area of health information access.
  3. Enable workshop participants to immediately implement the content of the workshop
  4. Enable workshop participants to be change agents within their institution.

For more information, visit the Immersive Workshop funding page.

Thus far this fiscal year, MCR has awarded funding for two immersive workshops – one to Children’s Mercy Kansas City for a April 2018 workshop and one to Eccles Health Science Library for a June 2018 workshop. Each workshop organizer has put together a quick summary on their upcoming event…

Health Literacy Challenges and Opportunities: Bringing Children’s Mercy and Kansas City Together

Submitted by Jennifer Lyon

Children’s Mercy Kansas City (CM) hosted an immersive, interprofessional workshop in April, 2018 designed to educate participants on health literacy, improve the delivery of health information to healthcare consumers, and foster collaborative opportunities. Day One of the 2-day workshop was open to the Kansas City community, with over 25 healthcare, literacy, public health, public library and other related organizations invited to send representatives to join Children’s Mercy personnel. Dr. Ruth Parker of Emory University will be the keynote speaker, accompanied by local speakers on literacy in the Kansas City context, the social determinants of health, and the impact of cultural, religious, language, numeracy and digital access factors. Additionally, large and small group activities provided attendees with opportunities to meet and interact with each other. The open community day will be followed by a second day that focuses on targeted groups of hospital employees for whom the application of health literacy practices in patient care is a vital responsibility. These include quality care coordinators, unit and allied health educators, library staff, and Health Literacy and Patient Education Committee members. Their additional training wasbe supplemented by interactive, hands-on practice sessions and brainstorming exercises intended to develop and initiate internal hospital-supported health literacy pilot projects. Hospital employees involved in conducting these projects were encouraged to reach back out to the previous day’s external participants to create community-wide health literacy initiatives.

Building Research Integrity Through Reproducibility

Submitted by Mellanye Lackey and Tisha Mentnech

The Eccles Health Science Library at the University of Utah is hosting a 5-day immersive course on Building Research Integrity Through Reproducibility June 11-15, 2018.  Days 1-4 of the course will provide an opportunity to explore the issues of research reproducibility in-depth in a seminar-type setting, followed by hands-on sessions where participants will learn actionable, practical solutions to make their own work more reproducible. Day 5 will be a conference with internationally-known guest speakers, panelists, a poster session, networking and more. Participants will include librarians and interdisciplinary researchers from biomedicine, basic sciences, philosophy, engineering, informatics, clinical practice, nursing and many more. This is a unique opportunity for librarians to engage in the dynamic, rapidly-evolving conversation around reproducibility so that they may be leaders in efforts to increase reproducibility on their campuses.

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