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The MidContinental Messenger
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Member Services Musings

NNLM members have lots of things on their minds and we’ve arranged reminders for a few things that Member Services think would be helpful:

Membership Renewals

You probably know that this past spring the MidContinental Region began its online renewal drive. We recently finished the drive after follow-up contacts by state coordinators. We were able to renew almost 200 members. Those memberships will remain current until the end of our cooperative agreement period on May 1, 2021. If you missed the renewal opportunity you still may do so by contacting your state coordinator or Jim Honour, Member Services Coordinator. There is no fee to renew and your active participation is not required.

NNLM Members Directory

All NNLM member organizations now have ability to access and edit their data in the NNLM Members Directory . We encourage every member organization to authorize a liaison to login, review and update their record. All members who renewed online were provided with information on how to access their organization’s data. If you have not yet received access and wish to edit your organization’s record, please read on.

Review your organization’s record:

Go to the NNLM Members Directory home page to search for your organization and review its information on the “public” side. Each organization’s record may include address, county, telephone, website, organization type and contact (liaison) and their email address.

Each member organization should designate an individual to act as the official contact or liaison.

If you aren’t able to locate your organization in the Members Directory, please contact the RML for assistance.

Create a user account:

To make updates to your organization record you will need an individual User Account.

  • Click here to create a User Account. You will also find a link to create an account at the bottom of every NNLM web page.
  • Complete the form.
  • Organization Field – find your organization typing in the field. If you aren’t able to find your organization, contact the RML for assistance.
  • Role/Position – check all appropriate categories. You must select “NNLM Liaison” to have organizational record editing access.
  • You will receive an email confirmation message a few days after submitting your application for approval. You will then be prompted to create and submit a password.

The NNLM User tutorials page contains a video with instructions for editing your organization’s data in the directory. You’ll be able to edit your organizational record by logging in.

DOCLINE users please note that any edits done in DOCLINE institutional records no longer automatically update their organizational data in the Members Directory.


Your NNLM User Account also allows you to register for NNLM classes (all free.) Consult the Training Schedule for upcoming classes offered by the NNLM.


We stated at the beginning of this article that members are not required to participate. For those who want to actively participate we have many opportunities to be involved in support of NNLM MCR programming. Members can collaborate in many projects and areas. Some members teach, write articles, make presentations, conduct research, serve on working or leadership groups, exhibit, etc. Working in our program areas is a handy way to perform service and also earn AHIP points. Contact your state coordinator to see how you can be involved. We always are glad that members are finding ways to participate in our programs!


The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) are continuing their partnership in the quest to preserve print copies of biomedical journal titles through the medical serials print retention program (MedPrint.)

Medical libraries and publishers adjusted to user demands for immediate access to articles around the clock by providing digitized articles with ease by providing robust electronic access. Pressure is also being applied to medical libraries to cede space by their hosting institutions and thus forcing libraries to reduce or completely eliminate their print holdings in favor of electronic only subscriptions. While this development of easy electronic access was and is celebrated by users, it also alarmed those in the library community. Libraries across the country have committed titles to MedPrint. The NLM needs at least 12 libraries committed to each title and regrettably many titles have commitments from fewer than 10 libraries. There are 3 titles on the list with no libraries committing to them.

What does a non-participating library need to do to sign-on to the program? Review the information on the MedPrint homepage. DOCLINE libraries are able to participate. You may have been thinking about participating for a while. Now is the time to take action! We’re always happy to answer any of your questions!

If you have questions about any content, in this article, I’m more than happy to help you.

Jim Honour, NN/LM MCR Member Services Coordinator

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