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The MidContinental Messenger
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Posts by Issue: Vol 15 No 4 - April 2017

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  One Evaluation Plan for the Whole NNLM Program? MCR Voices Launched! New NNLM Members Directory The Value of the Consumer Health Information Specialization Tech Tips: A Chat with an Embedded IT Specialist Systematic Reviews – the Pittsburgh Class from two perspectives What are you doing with Research/Data Services? Whooo Says   Print This Issue

One Evaluation Plan for the Whole NNLM Program?

Yes! The Regional Medical Libraries have a history of collaborating on sponsoring events, on developing and teaching classes, and on improving staff technology skills. We’ve now taken this collaboration from the activity level to the organizational level. In December after months of discussion the National Network Steering Committee (NNSC), the strategic direction and priority setting… Read More »

MCR Voices Launched!

We at the NNLM MCR have been busy thinking of new ways to share the knowledge and expertise of our profession within the Region. Our latest venture is “MCR Voices,” a podcast series that will focus on individuals and issues within our geographic area. Our goal is to provide you with interesting information and opinions… Read More »

New NNLM Members Directory

NNLM User Accounts Go to https://nnlm.gov/user/join or click on “Create new account” in the NNLM Login section at the bottom of every NNLM web page. To learn more about creating an account please click here. Why create an NNLM User Account? You’ll need one to register for NNLM Classes and webinars. To edit your organization… Read More »

The Value of the Consumer Health Information Specialization

Jean Winkler Valley View Hospital Glenwood Springs, CO Jean.Winkler@vvh.org The Consumer Health Information Specialization (CHIS) designation from the Medical Library Association is a valuable tool. Not only is the certificate itself often examined by visitors to our hospital library, but the requirements for designation provide an avenue to further develop professional skills. Specifically, during my… Read More »

Tech Tips: A Chat with an Embedded IT Specialist

As technology becomes an increasingly important part of library systems, librarians are tasked with learning new skillsets. Often working with new technology can be more than we are capable of and requires specialized assistance from IT. Unfortunately, many librarians report having some difficulties in communicating with their IT departments. In a previous article, Angela Spencer… Read More »

Systematic Reviews – the Pittsburgh Class from two perspectives

Angela Spencer St. Luke’s Hospital St. Louis, MO Angela.Spencer@stlukes-stl.com I work two part time jobs, one as a hospital librarian, and one as a medical librarian for a school of nursing not affiliated with the hospital. Recently I was able to take the Systematic Review class offered at the University of Pittsburgh. This is a… Read More »

What are you doing with Research/Data Services?

With the arrival of Patricia Brennan, R.N., Ph.D., as the new Director of the National Library of Medicine, the NNLM MCR is thrilled to see her excitement, enthusiasm, and emphasis on the importance data plays and will play in biomedical discovery and delivery of healthcare. This means that if your library is supporting research/data anywhere… Read More »

Whooo Says

Dear Whooo, I’ve been a librarian in a hospital system for several years now. At this point in my career I am anxious to move up in an organization and take on some new responsibilities. I know that the demographics of the librarian population are largely centered in the over 50 group, so it makes… Read More »

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