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MidContinental Region News January 20th, 2021
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Advancing Science Through Citizen Science Games

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Citizen Science is people from all walks of life getting together with scientists to advance scientific research.  There are many ways to get involved but one of the most popular ways is by playing citizen science games!

Through technology and gaming, citizen scientists can help collect and analyze data, be part of solving complex problems, and help make scientific breakthroughs. And best of all participants have fun, make an impact in scientific research, learn about science and the research process, and develop new skills!

No matter what your passion, the environment, health and wellness, or space and the cosmos, there is a citizen science project game for you.  Citizen Science Games is a website dedicated to sharing the latest news, game lists, articles, publications and interviews about the latest citizen science projects.  The Games List provide interested citizen scientists with all types of gaming opportunities.  The list includes the title, goal of the game, type of player, field of science, platform needed to play, launch date, and current status.  There is also a dropdown menu for games to be played on a computer, mobile device, outdoors and games in the development stage.

Here are a few of the fun and engaging games a citizen scientist can play found on the Citizen Science Games List:

Cancer CrusadeDesign treatments and help cancer research

MalariaSpotMalariaSpot is a game developed by researchers who have gamified the process of diagnosing malaria.

Colony B – contribute to research on the human microbiome

EyeWire – map 3D structure of neurons to help map the brain

Sea Hero Quest – Mobile game dedicated to helping global research into dementia

Need more ideas for projects?  NNLM and SciStarter are partners for change.  Go to https://scistarter.org/nlm for more ideas.  Mark your calendar for April 2021.  Plans are being made for Global Citizen Science Month!  Check the Scistarter website for more information.  Follow #CitSciMonth, @SciStarter and @NLM_NIH on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for upcoming events.

Margie Sheppard – Technology Coordinator/Kansas



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