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MidContinental Region News August 6th, 2020
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Join the Megathon Challenge to Help Accelerate Alzheimer’s Research

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April 13th is Citizen Science Day, aimed at involving everyday folks in carrying out real-world scientific research.

Public libraries and their communities will have the opportunity to participate in the Megathon Challenge from 1:30 to 3:30 pm EST to help speed up Alzheimer’s research by playing an online game called Stall Catchers.

What is Stall Catchers?

Stall Catchers is a citizen science game where players, also known as “catchers,” around the world analyze real data. The app is part of the EyesOnALZ project led by Cornell University.

How do you play?

Players review recorded images of blood vessels in the brains of mice and try to identify the vessels as flowing or stalled. Anyone from the ages of 6 to 88 years old can participate. No specific knowledge or scientific background is required.

Why should I join the Megathon Challenge?

Your efforts will help answer important questions about a drug that could be used in Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Enlisting the aid of citizen scientists who play the game could save researchers a year in sifting through data for the project.

How can I become a catcher?

To join the “catching” event, sign-up at https://stallcatchers.com/megathon-register#info. Once you’ve joined, you will be taken to Stall Catchers to start practicing and to become familiar with the game before the main event.

Can my library host a Megathon Challenge event?

Yes! Your library can be a part of the worldwide event by filling out an easy online form. To learn more about how your library can get involved, visit SciStarter to find helpful tools and resources. They include the Librarian’s Guide to Citizen Science, which provides the information you need to succeed with citizen science activities at your library. Establishing your library as a place for your community to practice citizen science will aid research while allowing your patrons to understand their world better.




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