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NEC Spotlight May 26th, 2024
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Write for Spotlight

NEC Spotlight Guest Blogger Guidelines

Do you have an example of an evaluation project that worked well? We would like to post your story. If you write the post, we’ll give you a byline. Here are our editorial guidelines for guest bloggers:

  • We highly recommend that you pitch your story idea to the NEC Spotlight staff (nec@northwestern.edu) before writing anything. We can confirm that your topic is appropriate for our blog.
  • Please share a personal experience conducting or participating in evaluation. You can share how you conducted a needs assessment or program evaluation, or write about experimenting with one of the tools or methods featured in an NEC Spotlight blog.
  • If you have a great experience to share but don’t want to write it down, we can interview you and write the post about your evaluation.
  • While we like reading about all sorts of evaluation experiences, we prefer stories about health information outreach, health education, or library programs.

Posts we accept will typically address these guiding questions:

  • What program did you evaluate and how?
  • What were your key findings and how did they make a difference in your program?
  • What advice do you have to share with your colleagues? What would you repeat? What would you do differently?

If you have an idea for a post but it doesn’t address these questions, contact us (nec@northwestern.edu) and we’ll see if it works.


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