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The Evidence Base for Cultural and Linguistic Competency in Health Care

Posted by on October 30th, 2006 Posted in: Research Reads

Full Citation: Goode TD, Dunne MC, Bronheim SC. The Evidence Base for Cultural and Linguistic Competency in Health Care Executive Summary New York, NY: The Commonwealth Fund, 2006 Oct.

The link below is to an executive summary of a review of the evidence regarding the “impact of cultural and linguistic competence in health and mental health care on health outcomes and well-being and the costs and benefits to the system.” Mostly the summary concludes that the field is in “early stages of development” and the impact of cultural and linguistic competence in the health field is unknown at present. However, paragraphs under Current Evidence on Outcomes and Well-Being describe some studies showing that culturally and linguistically appropriate patient education did positively affect variables related to health behavior, disease outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

The executive summary can be read at:

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Cindy Olney is the Assistant Director of the NNLM Evaluation Office. She leads NNLM's evaluation efforts, designs evaluation methods, and guides analysis and reporting of evaluation findings.

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