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Know Your Ebooks 2017-2018

Posted by on August 15th, 2017 Posted in: Education and Outreach, PHDL Resources


This post updates you on the electronic books in the PHDL collection.  It’s a companion to the Know Your Journals 2017-2018 post.

The PHDL provides brief descriptions for these titles. The descriptions allow for two things:

  1. Descriptions let users evaluate the usefulness of the resource to see if it applies to their research purposes
  2. Descriptions are searchable so that an ebook will be called up when the search box is used to search a topic.

Our ebooks are also made available on the Stat!Ref platform: the Stat!Ref link in the PHDL Resources section of your PHDL page will take you to the Stat!Ref space where all ebook titles are viewable AND searchable by their entire contents.  You can view and browse Stat!Ref’s Bookshelf of PHDL titles.  The Stat!Ref space has many tools and features specific to searching, saving, and crosss-referencing ebook content with other public health information resource on the Web.

Seven ebooks have been added to the collection for 2017-2018:

image for Antibodies ebook


Antibodies for Infectious Diseases (2015)…covering aspects of antibodies and interventions against infectious diseases





image for Biological Safety ebook


Biological Safety: Principles and Practices – 5th Edition (2017)…A resource for biosafety professionals, instructors, and those working with pathogenic agents





image for Clnical Virology Manual ebook

Clinical Virology Manual – 5th Edition (2016)…A clinical virology resource for providers and clinical laboratory virologists.






image for Diagnostic Medical Parasitology ebook


Diagnostic Medical Parasitology – 6th Edition (2016)…A resource for selecting, using, and interpreting methods and results related to human parasitic infections





image gor Framework for Food ebookA Framework for Assessing the Effect of the Food System (2015)…this is an Institutes of Medicine report providing an analytical framework for assessing effects associated with the ways food is grown, processed, distributed, marketed, retailed, and consumed in the U.S.





image for Manual Clin Microbiology ebook


Manual of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Immunology – 8th Edition (2016)…a guide for clinical laboratory immunology





image for Nelsons Pediatric ebook


Nelson’s Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy – 23rd Edition (2017)…A clinically oriented text on infectious disease for diagnosis, differential diagnosis and therapy. Specific entries for infections related to travel, surgery and trauma, nosocomial infection and bioterrorism.




These new titles have ‘New Title!‘ in the description field.


As with our electronic journals, use of ebooks is monitored to get the maximum value of the resources being paid for.  Titles that are not well-used can be discontinued.  This year we have discontinued the following titles previously available on the PHDL:

  • ACP Smart Medicine, Journal Club & AHFS DI Essentials
  • Bennett & Brachman’s Hospital Infections
  • Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness for Chemical Biological, and Radiological Terrorism and Other Hazards
  • Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions & Classification (NANDA International Inc.)
  • Population and Community Health Nursing
  • Primary Preventive Dentistry
  • Textbook of Modern Toxicology

Our total number of ebook titles in the PHDL collection is 63

Of these, the number of Institutes of Medicine reports is 25.

Our next series of online learning sessions will be devoted to teaching users to get the most of their ebooks and using the STAT!Ref platform.  For more information about this new course please see: Ebooks in the PHDL: A STAT!Ref Primer

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