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Personal Motivation and Online Course Design

Posted by on April 14th, 2014 0 comments

From SHIFT’s eLearning blog: Designing for Motivation: Three Theories eLearning Designers Can Use  1) Self-Determination Theory This theory operates on the premise that learners are motivated by an inner belief that learning, in and of itself, is important. In this theory, learners tend to want some degree of control over their learning experience. Applied to course… Read More »

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Human Factors

Posted by on February 24th, 2014 0 comments

Technology; most of us have a love/hate relationship with it.  But wouldn’t it be great if we had a love/love relationship with technology? Specifically, love for an online course we might take or even develop. Karla Gutierrez of SHIFT’s eLearning Blog recently posted an article titled: Bridging the Gap Between Human Learners and eLearning Technology…. Read More »

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Effective Teaching Behaviors

Posted by on January 28th, 2014 0 comments

What are some effective teaching behaviors that we can incorporate into our classes for learners of all types?  A post from the “Tomorrow’s Professor” mailing list, sponsored by the Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning, discussed eight behaviors to consider.   The behaviors that particularly intrigued me were: “Teach for Understanding Rather Than Exposure”:  determine the… Read More »

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Flipping the Flipped Classroom

Posted by on January 9th, 2014 0 comments

The flipped classroom has been all over education news for the past few years, but a recent study presents a new finding on flipping the classroom. In the current model of a flipped classroom, students read or watch videos about a topic and then apply what they learned to solve problems or complete projects. A… Read More »

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What would you like to see on the NTC blog?

Posted by on October 30th, 2013 0 comments

Here’s your chance to tell us what type of content you’d like to see here on the NTC blog! Please take a minute to answer this two question survey to help us keep the NTC blog filled with content that’s most useful to you. Thank you for your time.

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