Dragonfly January 20th, 2018
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Writing for Dragonfly

Writing for the Dragonfly blog is one way for PNR members to report on awards and subcontracts, to provide detailed experiences with particular projects, or to share news, successes or lessons learned.

When writing a post for Dragonfly, please write a narrative summary of the experience or project in a minimum of two paragraphs. Highlight special facets to share with the region. Include your name, job title, organization and contact information as well as locations and dates, organizations and people who participated, related statistics, suggested sites to visit, and photographs of the project or event when applicable.

Suggest a short title for the article-one that is unique and catchy. Send the post to Patricia Devine, Dragonfly blog editor.

For more information about writing for the Dragonfly, contact Patricia Devine or send a message to the RML.

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