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Latitudes August 17th, 2022
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NNLM Pacific Southwest Region 2016-2021 Membership Renewal Drive Now Underway!

Posted by on August 9th, 2017 Posted in: General, Membership

The Pacific Southwest Region’s Network membership renewal drive is once more upon us! Many of you have been anxious to receive new five-year NNLM membership certificates, which will be distributed in late August or early September. Now that the NNLM Members Directory¬†forms the basis of our membership information, we hope to improve the accuracy and completeness of the data through this renewal process.

To renew your membership, log in to your NNLM user account and edit your organizational record. If you haven’t created an NNLM Account, follow these steps:

NNLM Login Button with Create New Account encircled
  1. Visit Create New Account page.
    (The Create New Account link can also be accessed at the bottom of the NNLM Homepage)
  2. Create a username.
  3. Enter your e-mail address.
  4. Fill in your first and last name (middle name is optional).
  5. Pacific Southwest Region is automatically selected based on your location.
  6. Search for your institution name in the Organization search box & select from the drop-down autocomplete list.
  7. Enter your Job Title.
  8. Provide your telephone number.
  9. Enter your Zip Code.
  10. In the Roles/Position section, choose NNLM Liaison and other applicable roles.
  11. Subscribe to NNLM News and/or receive new classes notifications (optional).
  12. Click Create New Account.

An NNLM Liaison is an individual who is responsible for keeping their member records updated and staying informed about network-related information. The new NNLM user account will be automatically approved and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you for setting your password.

The Regional Medical Library will need to verify and approve the NNLM Liaison role so there may be a slight delay before you proceed in editing your organizational record. Use the following steps to make edits:

NNLM User Account Profile
  1. Navigate to the NNLM Homepage.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and log in to your account.
  3. Click View Profile.
  4. On the right hand side of your Profile page, your organization’s name should be listed.
  5. Click the URL link of your organization next to the word “Edit.”
  6. In the institutional record, verify the following:
    1. Name of institution and/or library;
    2. Address, City, State, Zip Code & County;
    3. Telephone Number;
    4. Fax Number (optional); and
    5. Website (optional).
  7. Choose your Organization Type.
  8. Indicate Yes or No if your institution is a DOCLINE participant.
  9. Click Save Organization even if you haven’t made any changes to the record.

Once you’ve saved your edits, we will receive a confirmation email indicating that you’ve updated your record. Your membership certificate will then be sent with an accompanying acknowledgement letter. Network members who participate in DOCLINE should also verify that their DOCLINE record is up to date by following the instructions in the July NewsBits article, Clean Up Your DOCLINE Data During the Summer!

If you need assistance with updating your organizational profile or if you have any questions, contact Marco Tamase, Member Services Coordinator, at (310) 206-5633 or via email.

Image of the author ABOUT Marco Tamase
Marco Tamase is the Member Services Coordinator for the Pacific Southwest Region of the Network of the National Library of Medicine located at UCLA.

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