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The HIV/AIDS Atlas: a new resource from the National Minority Quality Forum

Posted by on July 6th, 2009

The HIV/AIDS Atlas is a new tool that allows health care professionals, policy makers, and the public to view county-level prevalence data in all 50 states, to see the impact HIV/AIDS is having on their local community. The atlas provides HIV/AIDS statistics by age, gender, and race/ethnicity, whenever the data is available. Users may also… Read More »

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Comparison of Alpha/Bing/Squared

Posted by on June 24th, 2009

The Disrupted Library Technology Jester blog has published an excellent comparison of three new search services: Wolfram|Alpha, Microsoft’s Bing, and Google Squared; see Wolfram|Alpha and Google Squared are “fact retrieval” search engines whereas Bing is more like existing search engines that retrieve web links about a topic. The post features an 8-minute long screencast… Read More »

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Wolfram Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine

Posted by on June 8th, 2009

Wolfram|Alpha is a new service on the web that calls itself a “computational knowledge engine.” Ask Wolfram|Alpha a question, and it produces results by doing computations from its internal knowledge base. It does not search the web or return lists of links. The site includes many example queries, including those related to health and medicine,… Read More »

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How to create a tab in PubMed for your holdings and for free full text

Posted by on June 3rd, 2009

If you use Shared MyNCBI for your library, you can use the new Custom Filters feature to create a tab for both your library holdings and for free full text. Simply log on to your library’s Shared MyNCBI account, click on LinkOut, and select Pubmed in the Filters section. Then create a Custom Filter with… Read More »

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Google Health and NLM

Posted by on April 29th, 2009

An interesting blog post from Google describing how the Google Health personal record system will work with NLM data vocabularies to ensure accuracy in patient’s personal records.

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