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Region 4 News June 21st, 2024
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May 2024 Reading Club: Menopause

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National Women’s Health Week is celebrated each year, beginning on Mother’s Day, to encourage women and girls to make their health a priority. To help empower women with information, the NNLM Reading Club brings awareness to menopause in support of women’s health. Three different book genres – something for all readers – will help get the conversation started:

  • Hot and Bothered by Jancee Dunn
    Jancee Dunn shares her personal experience, others’ stories, resources, and recommendations navigating perimenopause and menopause. Through in-depth interviews with renowned menopause experts and trusted authorities, Dunn peels back the layers on this still-mystifying topic with her trademark humor.
  • Mary by Nat Cassidy
    Mary is a quiet, middle-aged woman doing her best to blend into the background. Invisible. Unremarkable. Unknown even to herself. But lately, things have been changing inside Mary. Along with the hot flashes and body aches, she can’t look in a mirror without passing out, and the voices in her head have been urging her to do unspeakable things.
  • Menopause by MK Czerwiec (editor)
    An anthology of twenty-eight contributors presenting diverse views on menopause. The collection addresses a range of life experiences, ages, gender identities, ethnicities, and health conditions.

Be sure to visit our Menopause | NNLM Reading Club page to discover helpful resources, including discussion guides for each of the books and MedlinePlus resources. By shining a light on health issues unique to women, we celebrate them!



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