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Region 5 Blog March 1st, 2024
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Data Flash: Some Reading About Library Responses To Research Mandates

Posted by on December 21st, 2018 Posted in: Data Science, News From NNLM PNR
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Ann's cat Dorothy reading Ann's new book

Self-promotion–we all are called upon to do it at some time or another.  And my time has arrived!  This post is to let you know that if you’re interested in reading about research mandates, from funders, institutions and publishers, there’s a new book chapter that’s just been come out, by me and Virginia Commonwealth University’s Research Data Librarian Nina Exner.   The title is “Responding to Change: Reinventing Librarian Identities in the Age of Research Mandates” and it appears in the volume Challenging the “Jacks of All Trades but Masters of None” Librarian Syndrome (Advances in Library Administration and Organization, Volume 39).  You can see that it is fascinating reading, at least for my cat Dorothy!

Seriously, we didn’t really know until we started what a big topic this would turn out to be.  From the abstract, you’ll see that we: “(1) outline the changing scholarly ecosystem; (2) summarize major terms and concepts to understand the process of producing research outputs; (3) discuss the perspectives of the major players in the research enterprise; (4) present some of the challenges that research mandates and the changing research environment have brought to libraries; and finally (5) review ways in which libraries have successfully addressed them.” Phew!

Of course, by nature of this quickly moving environment, some of what we offer has shifted in the year since we wrote it, but we hope there are still many helpful suggestions!  There are two figures in particular that lay out some ideas for librarian involvement in the research enterprise.

Also, if you are OK with not having the publisher’s beautified version, the final manuscript version is available in open access form through the University of Washington’s ResearchWorks Archive.

While not light holiday reading, it may fit the bill if you make a new year’s resolution about enhancing your current awareness activities!  Either way, we welcome feedback– please feel free to contact me at glusker@uw.edu with any comments, suggestions, etc.

Happy New Year!