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Midwest Matters April 12th, 2024
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Speaker Spotlight Series Recordings – Catch up on 2023 Webinars!

Posted by on December 11th, 2023 Posted in: Blog

NNLM Region 6 Speaker Spotlight Series is an irregularly scheduled webinar series from NNLM Region 6, featuring expert guest speakers presenting on topics of interest to all our users, from librarians to public health practitioners, educators, clinicians, and others who work with health information. Catch up on all of the 2023 webinars with links to each session recording below!

The Smart Tablet Education for Healthy Living (STEHL) Program
Join Dr. Anitha Saravanan as she shares practical aspects of conducting community projects that can also be a research project. In a current project named “Smart Education for Healthy Living,” older adults living in retirement home benefitted from workshops on how to use smart tablets for accessing reliable health information.

Holding Space to Discuss a Complicated Past: Exploring Medical Libraries’ Role in Perpetuating Racial Science
This presentation explores the historical ties between medical libraries and racial science, focusing on empire-building. Attendees, particularly those involved in library instruction, will gain valuable insights into how medical sciences and collections have been influenced by racial science discourse, which continues to impact today’s medical practices for patients who identify as Black, Indigenous, or persons of color.

Fatness and Libraries: Amplifying the Voices of Fat Librarians in DEIA Work
Join Meg Galasso as she delves into the important topics of weight discrimination, fat representation, and anti-fatness in the library profession. Drawing from comprehensive interviews with public-facing librarians across different library types, including public, school, academic, and special libraries, this webinar will provide valuable insights into the experiences and perspectives of these professionals.

From Words to Wellness: Exploring the Impact of Expressive Writing
Expressive writing has been shown to have many benefits for those facing chronic and serious illness. April Stearns discusses the how expressive writing can be helpful in healing and shares her experience translating the science about expressive writing into a writing program for young people with breast cancer.

AI, Higher Education, and Medical Librarianship: Opportunities and Risks
This presentation on the most recent developments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems discusses the basic principles of ChatGPT and other generative AIs, provides real-time demonstrations of how to use generative AI systems, examine the historical use of AI technology, and encourage discussion about the potential costs and harms of powerful AI systems.

Reproductive Health and the Reference Desk: How Libraries Can Provide Information in a Post-Roe Country
This webinar discusses reproductive health as an information access concern, introduces the Reproductive Justice framework, and offers ideas for how libraries can provide create environments that are supportive of sexual and reproductive health information.

NNLM Region 6 Projects – Multilingual Health Information Resources
This webinar features two NNLM Region 6 awardees who used funding to create multicultural and multilingual health information resources for their communities. Learn how to adopt and use their resources for your community!

Accelerating the Speed and Scale of Medical Discovery with Real-World Data: Epic Research and Cosmos
Epic Research launched during the COVID-19 pandemic as a new kind of journal, focused on making good data available sooner rather than perfect data available too late. This webinar explores its methodology and publication process.

Endocrine Disruptors in Environmental Health
Learn about the phenomenon of endocrine disruption, the inference of normal hormonal processes in the human endocrine system by chemicals and pollutants in our environment. Participants will learn about historical discoveries and recent scientific findings.

Sources of Airborne PCBs in Schools
Guest Speaker Keri Hornbuckle summarizes the latest research on PCBs, especially PCBs in air of schools where they remain present in caulking, adhesives, and electrical equipment.

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Miles Dietz-Castel is the Communications and Finance Coordinator for the NNLM Region 6 Office.

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