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Region 7 Update March 1st, 2024
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Navigating the New(ish) NNLM Site

Posted by on January 24th, 2022 Posted in: Blog
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Back in May 2021, NNLM started a new cooperative agreement that included going from 8 regions to 7, new regional naming conventions, and introducing a new RML in Charleston, SC. Did you also notice that the new cooperative agreement came with a new website with big changes?

Our NNLM site got a huge makeover to go with the new cooperative agreement. The changeover happened over the first six months or so and now that it isn’t new, but still newish, let’s take a tour.

Updated Resources

About and Contact Information-Find your region and get in touch to learn more.

Blogs-Regional blog names may have changed, but the great content remains.

Funding-Learn more about funding, find funding opportunities and see previously funded projects.

Training from NNLM is a cornerstone of what we offer partners. And we’re still here for you offering classes in multiple formats to fit your schedule and needs including:

New Resource Guides

On the old NNLM site, regions created and maintained guides that highlighted NLM, NNLM, NIH and HHS resources on topics of interest to their partners. With each region making their own guides, there was a lot of redundant information.

The new site also has guides that are created and maintained by regions collectively, as well as guides created and maintained by individual regions that highlight region specific projects.

  • Region 7 Guides-Learn more about Region 7 specific projects and initiatives.
  • Guides and Resources-Learn more about topics and resources of interest to partners in all regions.

So take a spin around the site to help get used to this new(ish) resource.

And once you’ve familiarized yourself with the new site, it’s also a good time to check any links you have to the NNLM website to make sure they’re current and fix any broken links that go to the old NNLM website.