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Blogadillo September 18th, 2021
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Can Probiotics be Beneficial for Bipolar Disorder Mania?

Posted by on June 28th, 2018

“Bipolar Disorder” via MedlinePlus, April 3, 2018, Public Domain..

Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness that causes those that have it to experience unusual mood changes.  An individual will bounce between manic phases in which they feel happy and active to depression phases where they feel sad and hopeless.

With growing evidence pointing toward gut health and inflammation playing a role in a variety of health conditions, researchers at John Hopkins University School of Medicine launched an interesting study.  The study was designed to determine if probiotics could help discharged patients avoid rehospitalization

The findings of the JHU study showed that those treated with probiotics were rehospitalized significantly less than those in the placebo group.  Those that did require rehospitalization required substantially less time in the hospital than those in the placebo group.  Although the results could change future treatment options the data is new and the sample size was small.

Read the entire study here.

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