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Blogadillo July 5th, 2022
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ICYMI Webinar Recap for August 2018: Reaching the Agricultural Community

Posted by on September 6th, 2018

This past month, we hosted Natalie Roy, co-founder and executive director of AgriSafe Network, a nonprofit organization working to improve the health and safety of farmers and ranchers. The unique health issues faced by communities of agricultural workers across the country make organizations like Natalie’s essential in reaching individuals in those communities.

In her presentation, Natalie described some of the challenges facing these groups, including:

  • Lower literacy rates
  • Greater work-related risks
  • Low income households
  • Limited accessibility to information and care

She also spoke about some of the work that AgriSafe is doing to reach these communities, such as:

  • Ongoing needs assessment
  • Training for rural health professionals
  • Partnerships with other agricultural centers, rural research centers, and other nonprofit organizations

So, what is the connection here for all of you? We hope this presentation introduced or re-emphasized the needs of a unique population that might be served by some of your institutions, as well as a unique nonprofit organization that works directly with that population.

Natalie herself mentioned wanting to gain a greater understanding of what libraries do, for example, and encouraged the creation of innovative partnerships between libraries and agricultural centers, particularly in addressing the issue of health literacy and sharing information about free, easy-to-use resources.

In addition to AgriSafe Network, there are a number of institutions Natalie covered in her talk that could serve as potential partners in the field. The US Agricultural Safety and Health Centers, an effort by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are located throughout the country and would be happy to connect with other groups interested in working with agricultural communities. Find your nearest Ag Center online!

Be sure to check out our next SCR CONNECTions webinar, Assessing a Community – By the Numbers with Census Data, scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th at 10am CT / 9am MT!

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