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About Us: J. David Midyette – Outreach and Communications Coordinator

Posted by on February 27th, 2012 Posted in: All Posts


Exhibiting at national, regional, state, and local conferences is an integral part of life at SE/A.  As part of the contract with NLM, we establish a comprehensive plan of when and where we plan to exhibit each year. Still, there is a good deal of flexibility beyond our fixed schedule. A key part of my job is to manage the exhibiting schedule, and in consultation with the other coordinators and the executive director (and with the support of our awesome staff), I select, register, and schedule all of the conferences where we will exhibit. I also work with RML members who are awarded exhibit grants to make sure that appropriate materials arrive on time for conferences all over the region.


Twitter? Facebook? RSS? Blog? Email? How do we get the word out? These are some rather challenging issues I face as the Communications Coordinator. We have a small group here who help make some of these decisions, but it is my responsibility to make sure that the word gets out. All of the coordinators contribute original content to SEA Currents and it is my goal to make our blog an informative resource. I am currently working with our editorial team to put together a more comprehensive plan on how and where we disseminate information. I have also been asking various members in the region how they currently receive and how they prefer to receive information. Many institutions limit the ways their employees can receive information which makes our efforts more of a challenge. My biggest goal is to inform without overwhelming.


I have been an educator for many years teaching both Anthropology and Library and Information Science. I also taught informational sessions to medical and health science students and faculty prior to my position at the RML. I plan to teach some of our existing classes as well as develop classes on qualitative methods, virtual communication, and working with special populations. I am always looking for new ideas for classes, especially topics that are of great interest to those in the region.


I will be working with awardees to help them manage their awards and report on their successes. Most of the awards I will be working with are for exhibits, but I am also working with some outreach and technology awards. I think this is one of the most important areas of RML work as it requires a great deal of collaboration and support. Things are always changing, and with the pending implementation of a new reporting system, I look forward to guiding awardees through a new process.

Despite being new to SE/A, I have had a great deal of contact with multiple RMLs over my career and it is wonderful to finally be able to work for such a wonderful program. As a North Carolina native, it is a great feeling to return to the region where I spent so much time growing up. I look forward to working with everyone in the region and hope that you will feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, ideas, and suggestions.

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