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New Training Opportunities for Public Health

Posted by on August 10th, 2012 Posted in: Outreach

By Sheila Snow-Croft, Public Health Coordinator, NN/LM, SE/A Region

In an effort to more effectively reach the public health workforce and the librarians who support them, SE/A has some new training opportunities available. Note that all of our available classes are listed here on our website,, with those specific to the public health audience in a separate section at the bottom of that page.

Most public health workers do not have an excess of time available for training, so I have created a few one-hour sessions that will hopefully better fit into those busy schedules:

The two Evidence Based Practice classes are taken from my longer course titled And PICO was his Name-O: what to look for in an EBM study. The first uses the PICO model to help attendees learn to formulate an answerable question, and the second takes a close look at the different types of studies represented in the literature and at the importance of evaluating study results. Introduction to NLM Resources is tailored to fit the needs of individual audiences, and includes information about the NN/LM, PubMed, MedlinePlus, the Environmental Health and Toxicology Portal, the Drug Information Portal, the Disaster Information Management Research Center, along with other resources such as the Household Products Database, LactMed, TOXMAP, Tox Town, and WISER.

Research Shortcuts includes a basic introduction to PubMed and, focusing on the SEQs (Specialized Evidence Queries), a joint project from the National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. SEQs provide pre-formulated PubMed search strategies to identify research evidence for selected Healthy People 2020 objectives. In case you are not familiar with these, they are highlighted on the homepage in the top right corner, and can be linked to from PubMed’s homepage: choose “Topic-Specific Queries” from the PubMed Tools section, then choose “Healthy People 2020” from the top section of Clinicians and Health Services Researchers Queries.

Along with these shorter classes geared specifically for the public health audience, I am also offering three classes that are new for me:

  • Promoting Health Literacy through Easy-to-Read Materials,
  • From Beyond Our Borders: Providing Health Information to Refugee Populations
  • TOXNET: Toxicology & Environmental Information

Promoting Health Literacy is a revamped version of Beth Wescott’s much loved class, thanks to Cheryl Rowan, Public Health Coordinator in the South Central Region of the NN/LM, and my colleagues who have created a version for Consumer Health, Terri Ottosen and Nancy Patterson. Also courtesy of Cheryl is From Beyond Our Borders, a two or three hour class designed to assist anyone who is working with refugee populations in locating health information. The TOXNET class was developed by Ruicha Mishra, NN/LM South Central Region, and introduces quality toxicology and environmental resources for beginners. These three classes each provide MLA continuing education contact hours.

Please contact Sheila Snow-Croft if you would like more information or to request any of these classes,

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