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Share Your Success: Library Connections…Past, Present and Future

Posted by on October 19th, 2012 Posted in: All Posts

Showcasing the benefits of library services to clinicians and patients two librarians and one 2013 MLS candidate within Saint Thomas Health (STHe) created a multi-media landscape, with the objective of orienting hospital employees and clinical staff to library resources and services.  Results of our “Value of Library and Information Services in Patient Care Study” conducted in July 2011 were incorporated.  In the study 87% of clinicians stated that library resources saved them an average of 3.6 hours per clinical question, 89% of physician respondents said that they handled clinical situations differently as a result of library resources, and 94% say that information contributed to a higher quality of care.  Furthermore, 100% feel information obtained from the library is relevant, will be of future use, and was of clinical value.

Current key users of the libraries were identified as nurses, physicians and continuing medical education staff.  Interviews were conducted to determine the most utilized resources and services for each group and how they impacted their practice, work life, or healthcare experience. Video content stressed the connection between each user group, resources used, and the value of the librarians’ expertise and services available to them.

The video premiere will be in late October 2012 at National Medical Librarians Month Open Houses hosted at STHe campus libraries.  Attendees will be invited to view and complete a survey assessing the utility of the video.  Data will be compiled from users’ surveys responding to their initial viewing.  A follow-up survey will also be conducted 6 months later to determine the video’s impact on library perception and subsequent use.  The goal of creating this video is to provide a visual representation of how the medical library can connect each person entering the hospital with the information they need.

Author’s/Affiliations:  Jan Haley, MLS, Library and Information Services Coordinator, St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee,; Kelly Lee, BSN, MLS candidate 2013,; Marilyn Teolis, MLS, AHIP, Library and Information Services Coordinator, Baptist Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee,

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