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SEA Currents January 20th, 2021
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NMLM Feature: Yoga, Tai Chi Research Shows Public Librarians Already Know

Posted by on October 21st, 2019 Posted in: Public Libraries

Jonathan Dolce, Branch Supervisor, Lake County Library System, Astor & Paisley County Libraries

Yoga: the numbers are in

According to a recent ALA-YaTsALL (Yoga and Tai Chi Sessions for America’s Limber Librarians) survey, 21% of librarians are now offering public yoga and tai chi sessions. Statistically, this marks the highest level of public library interest in fitness in recorded history. “It only made sense, really” says lead researcher Ben Denstretch.

“We have already been doing yoga and tai chi all these years. We simply had to put names with the repetitive poses we perform during our daily work. Hatha, ashtanga, even bikram when the a/c goes out – we’ve done it all!”

As a result, the increased popularity of yoga and tai chi in libraries has decreased membership in gyms. Sadly, local chambers of commerce have noted this shift: “Many former instructors are struggling, and switching industries”. One instructor says, “It’s good that I double majored. I still have massage therapy to fall back on.”

The Future of Massage Therapy and Libraries

These are in fact prophetic words. State librarian, Oma Gutness says, “Oh! Massage therapy? Yes, at every conference, we always have massage therapists on hand for our attendees!” Currently, librarians are taking advantage of online databases – that tax payers pay for – that demonstrate massage therapy techniques. One bubbly librarian says, “We are expanding our programming reach into the untapped demographic of desk weary executives who would otherwise not patronize libraries. I mean, who doesn’t want a massage after a hard day of spreadsheets and email?!”

Below, Chart A demonstrates common public library yoga poses. Chart B demonstrates common library Tai Chi movements.

Enjoy your work. You are already masters. Namaste.

Chart A:

Chart B:

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