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Midwest Matters October 21st, 2021
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Minwanjige, Mino Bimaadizi (Eat Well, Live Well) Project

Posted by on May 28th, 2020 Posted in: Funding, News from the Region, Outreach

The GMR office is thrilled to announce funding for the Minwanjige, Mino Bimaadizi (Eat Well, Live Well) project created by the University of Minnesota Medical School – Duluth via our Health Information Outreach award.

Objectives:  The primary goals of this project are to 1) introduce children to the impact of food on physical, emotional and social wellbeing, 2) improve nutrition literacy, and 3) act as a friendly format to share information with caregivers in the lives of children.

Description:  The above objectives are accomplished through creation of two culturally-responsive, age-appropriate activity books, one for the developmental range of 3rd-4th grade, the other for 5th-6th grade. The books incorporate MedlinePlus, MedlinePlus for Kids, and MedlinePlus for Teens information as well as other National Library of Medicine resources. Minwanjige, Mino Bimaadizi books are crafted with Native American children in mind but also designed to be widely appreciated and raise cultural awareness across many audiences.

Native American communities and cultures are sources of strength that can aid in healing and improving the livelihood of Native Americans. By respectfully incorporating Ojibwe (a large tribe in the northern U.S.) culture and language, Minwanjige, Mino Bimaadizi heightens awareness of food-associated factors that contribute to physical and emotional health. Native Americans live with some of the nation’s most significant health disparities. While the causes are immensely complex, it is widely recognized that food insecurity, associated food behaviors, and malnutrition are major influences.

By providing access to trustworthy up to date information, Minwanjige, Mino Bimaadizi empowers Native Americans to take better control of their health and make more informed food-associated decisions early in life while supporting caregivers in facilitating healthful eating.

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This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Grant Number 1UG4LM012346 with The University of Iowa.

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