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PHDL Me This June 19th, 2024
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PHDL Resources covering Disaster and Preparedness Topics

Posted by on September 11th, 2023 Posted in: Blog, NNLM, PHDL Resources

With September being National Preparedness Month the NNLM has a series of events and resources to highlight including the September NNLM Virtual Disaster Preparedness Forum.  For a quick listing of which sessions offer Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) CE credit as well links to other learning opportunities see: Preparing for a Disaster-NNLMs Disaster Planning and Preparation Forum.  For people more interested in narratives around disasters and preparedness, the Reading Club for this month has selected 3 books and lists additional resources on their webpage.

In addition to these events and resources listed in the blog posts referenced the PHDL has a variety of resources covering Emergency Management Preparedness and Recovery. Below are some of the most recognized materials in our collection that may be useful.


Academic Emergency Medicine
Academic Emergency Medicine Education and Training
American Journal of Public Health  (AJPH)
Annals of Emergency Medicine
BMC Public Health
Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness
Emergency Medicine Journal EMJ
Environmental Health Perspectives
Environmental Justice
Health Security
Journal of Public Health Management & Practice


Crisis Standards of Care: A Systems Framework for Catastrophic Disaster Response (2012) National Academies Press  

This report has a functional format and design for providing a resource manual for all stakeholders involved in a disaster response. It is organized as a series of stand-alone resources for ease of use and reference. Preliminary chapters establish a framework for a systems approach to the development and implementation of Crisis Standards of Care  plans, addressing legal ethical, palliative, and mental health issues.

Subsequent chapters are aimed at a key stakeholder group—state and local governments, emergency medical services (EMS), hospitals and acute care facilities, and out-of-hospital and alternate care systems. Chapters provide templates that outline the specific functions and tasks for each stakeholder when allocating scarce resources in response to a disaster.  Appendices provide a glossary, sample plan, and potential resource challenges.


Critical Issues in Disaster Science and Management: A Dialogue Between Researchers and Practitioners(2015) FEMA

This book is the next logical step in the science and practice of disaster management and is a model of practitioner-academic interaction. Each chapter finds a historically uncharacteristic partnership between practitioner and academic.  This work builds not only a literature but also a practice for the field.



Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness: For Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Terrorism, and Other Hazards (2019) Springer Publishing

Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness

The information in this book helps develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to efficiently and effectively respond to disasters. This fourth edition builds upon the solid foundation of previous editions with an expanded focus on climate change-related disasters, globalization and its implications for emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, the accommodation of high-risk, high-vulnerability populations, and the potential for disaster arising from a world witnessing increasing community violence and civil unrest.



Public Health Emergency Preparedness: A Practical Approach for the Real World (2019)

Drawing on experiences of practicing public health emergency preparedness, this text presents ideas and concepts that translate into practice. “When it comes to implementing strategies and solutions during emergencies and disasters, your practice is what is going to get you to the other side of the disaster, hopefully in a way in which illness and injury resulting from the disaster are minimized.”



Red Book Online Outbreaks (2022) American Academy of Pediatrics.

Red Book Online Outbreaks are summaries and resource links for current infectious disease outbreaks. This book focuses on outbreaks that affect the pediatric population and that have been identified in multiple U.S. states; other outbreak types may be covered occasionally as situations warrant.





PolicyMap has multiple datasets covering disaster topics including, hurricanes, floods, outbreaks, and other disasters. Use the ‘Data’ field with the term ‘disaster’ to yield multiple suggested data GIS datasets for your maps.

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